LOVEBITES、新鋭ベーシスト「fami」が加入 本格的再始動の狼煙となる新体制として初のセッション動画を公開!


LOVEBITES Return with the New Bassist + Bravehearted (Short Version)







LOVEBITES return with new Bassist: Fami – First Session Video Released

LOVEBITES has announced the addition of new bassist ‘Fami’. To mark the occasion, the band has released its first studio session with its new line-up on YouTube today, featuring fan favourite track ‘Bravehearted’.

LOVEBITES Return with the New Bassist + Bravehearted (Short Version)

After the departure of bassist Miho in August 2021, LOVEBITES went on hiatus for a while. In order to find a new bassist, the band held auditions in April 2022, open to all nationalities, ages and genders from around the world. After a long process, Fami was selected as LOVEBITES’ new bassist.

Fami is a 20-year-old bass player from Japan who has experience of performing live and working with many artists since her teenage years. She has also produced her own solo album, writing all the music and lyrics, and is experienced in expressing herself as an artist. Her YouTube channel boasts around 650k subscribers and over 58 million views, which she started making content for while she was still in high school.

The members of LOVEBITES prepared this statement on welcoming Fami;

“After a long audition process, we are very pleased to announce that Fami is our new bassist. We would like to thank all of our fans who supported us during our hiatus, as well as all of the bass players and musicians from around the world who participated in the audition. We are now a 5-piece band again, and even stronger and more excited to share our heavy metal music with you again, as well as to see you live at venues as the new LOVEBITES. That day will come along soon, please wait a little while longer.”

LOVEBITES’ new formation is finally ready to spring into action and one again prove that Heavy Metal Never Dies.